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If you already have a website that is running and in need of some help to make some edits/changes to it, I can do that for you without interruption and requiring a downtime for your website.

The name is Jeffrey Choi, and I am a freelancer specializing in website development/design, website revamp and website management; all via WordPress. I provide all-around website services, and I am more than ready to help and to offer them to you, whether you are currently in the beginning stages of creating an impact online or has been running your business for quite some time. I prioritize communication to ensure that I meet your every requirement and need, and to address your every concern.

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Why WordPress?

WordPress is the perfect and most suitable platform for a website, especially for a new site owner. With its user-friendliness, understanding the platform, inside and out, is proven to not be a hassle.

Optimizing for search engines, also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is important to bring organic traffic to websites, and WordPress helps to make this process less complicated. Millions of others who use this Content Management System would agree because of its ease of use and multiple functionalities.

Why a Freelancer?

Working with a freelance worker, such as myself, may not be a norm (yet), however, if you are looking for an extra hand for a specific job that requires a specific set of skills, that is where we, or I, come in.

What I can offer, besides providing help with your new, or current, website/online platform, is the flexibility of working with regards to your schedule, budget or with what your priorities are. Communication, on my end, is what I prioritize and that I encourage.

Feel free to contact me via my mobile phone at +852 9225 3889, by email at jeffrey@thestartupbase, or by using the contact form below. Do let me know your requirements and needs, and I will get back to you in less than 24 hours to discuss further on how I can help.

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